Susanne Taylor

WHITE HYDRANGEAS AND PEARL NAUTILUS 16X20 Oil PINK SKY 30X40  Oil Susanne Taylor at Copley Society Hydrangea and Lobster Sunflowers and vase Wave 1 Gouache  Wave 2 gouache WAVE CRASHING WAVE WAVE STUDY WAVE SEA and SHELLS Oysters and Beer Water View Hydrangea Lemons with Ivy  Lemons and Tea Conch Shells on Deck Rail Mandarins Mussels and Clams Copper Pot and Mussels  Lemons Mussels and Garlic Tea and Lemons Shells on Balcony nautilus and hydrangers
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Susanne Taylor

Susanne Taylor is inspired by the light and atmosphere near water.  A lifetime of summers on Cape Cod is the root of her artistic influence. The color of the sand, the beach grass, the water and the light captivate her: the atmosphere of light in the presence of the ocean is her endless inspiration.   The past decade has allowed her the opportunity to study realism in Chicago and New York which has resulted in a new dimension of artistic expression: interior still life painting.

After studying Art and Art History at Emmanuel College in Boston, MA, Susanne Taylor moved to New York City to pursue a career in advertising.  She was employed at Compton & Compton Advertising, Saatchi & Saatchi and Time Magazine.   Raising her family as her husband's career moved them around the U.S. provided a rich opportunity to study fine art and painting with artists in each region. In New York City she was a student and working artist at The Harlem Studio of Art. 
Currently she resides on Cape Cod which is a major inspiration in her work. She is an associate member of Oil Painters of America, 
American Women Artists, and The Copely Society of Art.

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