unnamed SAKI Container and Cups Picasso style pitcher the Heron dish
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Sheila began her love affair with clay when she started the creative process of transforming clay a lump of stoneware into a functional object,such as a mug,her favorite shape.

Spending much of her life on the beaches, marshes, and woodlands of Cape Cod, Sheila is inspired by her environment and incorporates natural designs into her pottery. Most of her work is done on the potter’s wheel, forming round pots. The form is then altered into other shapes or faceted.

Sheila decorates the surface of her work by carving, stamping, or slip trailing when the clay is in the leather hard stage. The pieces are then bisque fired, then glased and high fired to 2300 degrees. All her work is lead free, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Although most of her pottery is functional, Sheila enjoys bringing a smile to a face with her whimsical sculpture. Because each piece is handmade, it is unique. It may have irregularities in its form or decoration. These “flaws” add to the pot’s singularities and charm.

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