Peter Michael Martin

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Peter Michael Martin

Designing images with paper is like creating space with meaning. Whether it is removing matter to form a shape or subsequently building on to an existing elements, it is all part of the process to conceive and develop newforms. As each new line is introduced it then may become part of the whole, helping define my intentions.

My work is of the things that meet our senses touch us in some way? It certainly has been a transition for me. I was introduced to the art of papercutting as an “Old World Art Form” most often reflective of specific culture. Through the past twenty some odd years I stepped out of the “tradition” and cautiously moved about this medium creating images reflective of my personal environment, leaping ahead with more freedom embracing what really fuels my being.

As far as direction, its course has no boundaries! It is a sense of emotion that compels me, and helps me express what I must say! 

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