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Fiber Artist


They are whimsical hats made of Lopi Icelandic wool. They are just fun! You'll look forward to those first days of cool weather just to don your work of art! Each hat has magical powers!  When wearing a Hattie Hat you will receive at least one compliment a day - that's a promise!  They feel great, look great on, and will last many winters. 

I made my first hat in 1975. It was green and unintentionally puckered. Three years  later when my older daughter was an infant I tried again. This one had a point on top, several colors and designs I incorporated as I went along. Passersby complimented and one commissioned a hat for her daughter. That was the beginning.

Over the years the designs have evolved and, somehow, there have been thousands of one of a kind hats. People tell me stories of their hats' travels and ownership. Friends’ children are uncovering hats saved from their youth and putting them on their own children. Many have told me they receive compliments each time they wear their hat.

I am always surprised and delighted to hear these tales.

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