Curt Hanson

Catkins 24x30 Early Spring Shoreline 12x12 Housatonic Spring 10x15 Low Tide 9x12 On the way to Suan Moak 9x12 Sunrise 7x14

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Curt Hanson

Curt is a master regional landscape painter of New England. His work has a deep connection, not just to the landscape, but to the entire natural world. It is his deep love of nature and New England landscapes which has led him to create breathtaking works of art. He allows the viewer to linger in the morning mist, view the subtle tones of a landscape through fog, feel the gentle rain in a meadow, or sense an entire season on the brink of transition. 

Curt’s sensitive, masterful works are highly sought after by collectors from around the world. 

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